happy earth day…….which is actually everyday ❤
taking care of our earth doesn’t just mean preservation of our resources, it also means inward compassion for ourselves as well as for all forms of life around us.
bhakti in sanskrit means devotion, and is essentially the attitude that all human beings should have towards all walks of life.
we are the caretakers, the providers: the nurturers of our societies, our communities, and the world……but it starts from within 💧
one single drop of bhakti, of pure devotion, can cause a ripple effect outward globally.
this intention of compassion is a seed that resides within each…

The Love Of Self

If you have love of God, you will not need love from humans.

Whether that be any single being outside of your own connection with Source.

I promise you, you will not need them.

The love that pours down onto us from the infinite wisdom and effulgence from the Divine is all-encompassing and ever-old. We all have the ability to Connect, and yet only so few of us do.

Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Lord Krishna, and so many more understood this to a very deep level, and spread the truth, which is the Word of God — unconditional love and…

Seema Tangri is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She enjoys reading philosophical and Vedic texts, and is fascinated by the workings of the human mind and how it correlates with the fractal nature of life. A quantum physics enthusiast and a poet, she blends as many worlds as she can, into a perfectly synthesized stream of fact-based opinions. These are the values that she centers her life around. She hopes you enjoyed this read.

The moment I realized my own worth.

The worth of a human to the human himself will only be as measurable as the human himself believes it to…

Under a microscope, a deadly virus looks absolutely stunning (Source:

What is a virus, exactly?

It’s a piece of code that replicates itself to spread its own information as far and as wide as it can. In essence, it is the building block of creation. It’s cellular reproduction, but it causes a lot of fear because of everything it destroys.

For one who understands the nature of cycles, it is clear that the destruction of one thing is just the beginning of another thing. …

Happy mind, Happy life

“Happy mind, happy life.”

You’ve probably heard this statement before, but have you taken the time to absorb what it actually means? In our day-to-day hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to empty our minds completely. We have to remember dates, deadlines, commitments, and the like. But what if it were possible to hit a reset button on our minds each night before we go to sleep — so we still remember all the important information, but in a way that is strategically and non-emotionally compartmentalized? …

Floral Explosion

I walk into the gym at 4 pm and leave at 6 pm.

Guess how many different songs I listened to?


I had one on repeat the whole time, and it was Heartless, the new Weeknd song.

Now if you guys know anything about that guy or his music, it’s that it desperately slaps. All of it. From his very first album. I don’t think i’ve stopped listening to his music once since I started. It’s almost healing, the way it takes you in and out of emotion and passion.

And it got me thinking, does everyone listen to…

Puerto Rican Eco Farm to Hold Bhakti Yoga Permaculture Retreat

Discarding the ego and embracing the soul is like taking off your tight jeans the second you get home: freeing. In this moment, you understand that nothing is truly yours, and your responsibility is simply to understand that you have absolutely zero responsibility, other than your innate duty to surrender.

You begin to realize, slowly, how that by shouldering the unnecessary, fleeting, and illusory burdens of life, you are taking on the position of the maintainer — and you are the maintainer of nothing.

Give everything to that which powers your heartbeat, because it is His, anyway. To assume any…

Spiritual Depression in the Psalms // GettyImages

As someone who’s struggled with depression multiple times on and off throughout my life without ever taking medication for it, I have put together a few remedies to combat a lower-energy state, and to ensure that you are living with your heart, without allowing pesky unwanted negative emotions to interfere.

A large misconception that a lot of people have is that all negative emotions are unwanted. This is a toxic mindset, as repressing negative emotions only leads to them being expressed in alternative, explosive ways. “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will…

The Cosmos (WallpaperPlay)

The world doesn’t revolve around us, except it does. We will never know the deep extent of other people’s minds, the way they see the world, what they truly want, why they’re truly here, or what their bigger plan is.

In knowing that we don’t know anything, we can also say that we don’t know truly who anyone is. We don’t know who they incarnated from, where they’re going, or who they talk to when they’re alone.

The universe doesn’t revolve around us, except it does. We are here to figure out our own karma, and that itself is a…

Cherry Lime Spritzer

At 20, there came a time where I decided, after repeated trial and error, that I wanted to break away from every single habit that I had that could have been potentially dragging me down. Very prone to mood swings and desperate to change things in my life, I realized that I first needed to change things inside myself.

I would tirelessly listen to podcasts of successful people and their life stories. Endless hours were spent scrolling through Wikipedia pages of successful entrepreneurs, actors, singers — basically, everyone in the limelight. …

Seema Tangri

Science, spirituality, self-help. Mindfulness, motivation, and marketing. I write because I exist.

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